Pam Lob

"Inspiring others to personalised wellness for humans and the planet - that's my passion."

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About Pam Lob

Pam Lob is a passionate health and transformation genie with a unique combination of strategies and secrets to share.

She is a qualified nurse, holistic hypnotherapist, counsellor, and coach, with a degree in Psychology and extensive personal development experience.

Her bestseller Beyond Hot and Crazy - A Radical Guide to Living Well with Menopause, along with her co-hosting of the successful podcast Live the Impossible Show, and her weekly appearances on Business Talk Radio as their health coach, demonstrate her expertise and dynamism.

Pam loves to travel, explore, and learn from different cultures, which adds more variety and value to her talks.

Pam Lob is a great potential podcast guest for any health and wellness-focused show.

With her background and experience in the health field, her bestseller and podcast appearances, and her wide range of interests and expertise, Pam is an ideal choice for a show looking to bring in new and engaging perspectives.

Her knowledge of health and wellness, and her ability to present it in an inspiring and entertaining format, make her an ideal guest for any podcast.