Patricia Baronowski-Schneider

Dynamic keynote speaker with 30+ years of IR/PR/Marketing experience and two bestselling books.

About Patricia Baronowski-Schneider

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider is a degreed Investor Relations/Public Relations/Marketing Executive with over 30 years of experience in planning and spearheading marketing and investor relations operations, featuring clients in top-tier financial publications, appearing on financial television and radio, and offering guidance and complete solutions to companies in enhancing awareness and amplifying shareholder value.

Patricia has worked with clients all around the globe in a wide variety of niches such as Technology, Restaurants and Food establishments, AgTech, Entertainment, Travel, Pets, Gamers, Finance, Healthcare, Jewelry, LGBTQ, Health & Wellness, Beauty, Fitness, Individuals, Corporations, Sports, Arts, Authors, Doctors, Closed-End Funds, Real Estate, Exchange Traded Funds, Business Development Companies, MLPs, etc.

She has also been the driving force behind the annual Investment Strategies Conference in New York every year that boasts an elite audience of investors, analysts, brokers, and media with 350+ live attendees and 800+ on live web/videocast yearly.

Patricia is a two-time Bestselling Author with a proven track record of rapidly scaling revenue streams beyond $75M.

She is an excellent mentor, thought leader, people leader, and team player.

With her extensive experience in PR, marketing, and investor relations, Patricia is a great potential podcast guest.

She can provide valuable insights and advice on all topics related to PR, marketing, and investor relations.

Her deep understanding of the financial industry makes her an ideal guest for any podcast focused on investments and finance.

She also has a wealth of knowledge on various other topics related to business, careers, customer experience, management, and more.