Paul Angelle

A Plan-Master / Coach who has an inappriopriate relationship with growth.

About Paul Angelle

Paul Angelle is a seasoned entrepreneur and business coach with a rich tapestry of experiences.

From his roots in a family-owned Cajun restaurant to his triumphs in sales and media, Paul embodies the entrepreneurial spirit.

With degrees from the University of Louisiana and a law degree from Loyola University, he’s not only a persuasive salesman but also an astute legal mind.

As the inaugural COO of a flourishing estate planning firm, he played a pivotal role in tripling revenues and expanding services.

Paul’s passion for personal growth led him to author a book during the 2020 lockdown, sparking a wave of interviews, book signings, and a surge in coaching requests.

His mission is to empower individuals through his diverse expertise, which aligns perfectly with business coaching.

Outside the boardroom, Paul is a family man...

He cherishes time spent cooking, fishing, and writing on his farm in Sunset, LA, surrounded by his family and a menagerie of animals.

Engaging and enthusiastic, Paul’s journey from little league coach to business strategist makes him an ideal guest for any podcast focused on business and personal success.