Paul Thornton

"Empowering parents, teachers, coaches, and team leaders to become better managers and leaders."

About Paul Thornton

Paul Thornton is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of experience in management and leadership, in roles such as college hockey coach, professor, manager-human resources, executive coach and parent.

His expertise in the field is highlighted by his extensive written work ranging from over 100 articles to 18 books, including Leadership Styles, The Leadership Process and Is Your Organization Aligned?

He is passionate about helping parents, teachers, coaches, and team leaders become more effective managers and leaders.

Paul is highly qualified, having studied management, psychology, and political science at Ohio University.

He has also received master’s degrees in both business (M.


A.) and education (M.

Ed.) from the same institute.

Moreover, he has taken classes taught by renown leaders such as Dr.

Paul Hersey and Dr.

Ken Blanchard.

His knowledge, combined with his experience in the field makes him an ideal candidate for a podcast guest.

Paul Thornton is an expert in leadership and management topics, such as establishing goals and plans, monitoring progress, coaching and providing feedback, rewarding and recognizing people, and conducting performance appraisals.

He is also well versed in leadership topics such as creating a vision, influencing and inspiring people, making effective presentations, and implementing change.

If you’re looking for a professional speaker with decades of knowledge and expertise in management, leadership, and educational topics, Paul Thornton is the perfect candidate.

He is passionate about helping others become more effective managers and leaders, and his engaging and inspiring speaking style makes him an ideal podcast guest.