Pete Mohr

Empowering entrepreneurs to take control of their business and live the life they want.

About Pete Mohr

Meet Pete Mohr, speaker and host of the Simplifying Entrepreneurship podcast.

With over 25 years of experience as a former radio host, business coach, business broker and entrepreneur, Pete brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can offer valuable advice to your audience.

As a Business Made Simple Certified coach, he can confidently discuss general topics in business as well as provide actionable advice that your audience can use right away.

Pete has a passion for helping business owners find freedom within their businesses.

Through his frameworks, he aids entrepreneurs in simplifying leadership, strategy and communication so they can enjoy the freedoms that come with owning their own business.

His expertise in creating turn-key businesses and preparing them for sale is unparalleled.

Pete has a variety of topics he can speak with your audience about, such as the five Ps of Business, turning frustrations into freedoms, creating turn-key businesses, and preparing businesses for sale.

He is well equipped with a webcam, studio quality microphone, and the ability to speak in English.

Pete is available for remote interviews over weekdays.

Pete Mohr is the perfect fit for any podcast looking to empower their audience with the knowledge and expertise of an experienced entrepreneur.

His passion and enthusiasm will motivate and energize your listeners, leaving them inspired to take their businesses to the next level.