Peter Anthony

"Unlock the magic of collaboration - with The Collaboration Guy, your business, team and individuals will excel!"

About Peter Anthony

Peter Anthony is a business and collaboration expert that helps businesses, teams and individuals excel with Collabradabra - the magic of collaboration.

With a degree from university and a decade of experience in advertising agencies, Peter has a unique understanding of the consumer and how to build a client-centric business.

Peter has consulted and trained in 12 countries and holds a master’s degree in his field.

He has also written Collabradabra, a book that teaches how to have successful collaborative conversations.

Peter is a great potential podcast guest as he has a wealth of knowledge in business, customer experience, entrepreneurship, fundraising, marketing, and sales.

His expertise in collaboration and his experience in consulting in 12 different countries will bring a unique and interesting perspective to any podcast.

He is available to do both in-person and remote interviews with built-in microphone and webcam capabilities.

He also speaks English fluently.