Peter George

Maximizing your potential: Public Speaking Coach, Speaker, and Award-Winning Author, to help you be calm, confident, and credible.

About Peter George

Peter George is an award-winning author, experienced public speaking coach, and proficient public speaker.

He has been inspiring professionals from around the world for 36 years, with 18 of those years spent as a public speaking coach.

He created the AMP'D Framework and is a TEDx coach, as well as the host of the weekly podcast Public Speaking with Peter George.

Peter has a deep understanding and passion for public speaking and knows how to craft and deliver presentations that will engage, persuade, and inspire.

He wants to help professionals increase their impact, influence, and income through confident and effective communication.

Peter's award-winning book, The Captivating Public Speaker: How to Engage, Impact, and Inspire Your Audiences, is available on Amazon, and his own website,

With his vast experience as a public speaking coach, speaker, and author, Peter George is the perfect guest for any podcast.

He has the expertise to provide valuable insights and advice on public speaking that will help listeners be confident and credible every time they speak.

His wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic will make him an engaging and interesting guest that will captivate your audience.