Peyman Kord

Dynamic Podcast Guest Speaker: Expert Insights & Thought-Provoking Conversation.

Personal Finance
About Peyman Kord

Peyman Kord is one of Howard Dekkers School of Success's top speakers.

He is an expert in the fields of personal finance and society & culture, and has worked hard to provide an online platform to educate people on these topics.

Peyman is based out of Miami, USA, and speaks both English and Spanish.

Peyman is well equipped to provide your podcast with top-notch content, with a studio-quality microphone and webcam, as well as the availability to book for both weekends and weekdays.

Peyman is also a great remote podcast guest, as he provides the perfect format to engage with your podcast audience.

Peyman Kord is the ideal Podcast Guest Speaker for your show.

With his expertise, knowledge, and experience in personal finance and society & culture, Peyman is sure to bring an insightful and entertaining conversation to your audience.

Peyman is passionate about educating and guiding people, and his enthusiasm and charisma are perfect for engaging with your podcast audience.