rajesh sharma

"A podcast that gives new female talent a spotlight, featuring newsworthy women and seeking a female co-host!"

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About rajesh sharma

Rajesh Sharma is an experienced speaker with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Originally from Leeds, United Kingdom, he is fluent in English, Panjabi, and Hindi.

He works for 02 company as a mobile provider and has a podcast, Talent Spotlight, in his spare time.

Rajesh has also written four books and created a positive merchandise collection.

His LinkedIn profile can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajesh-sharma-4a83781a4/.

Rajesh is an excellent potential podcast guest.

His podcast, Talent Spotlight, gives new female talent a platform to be heard.

He is also experienced in interviewing people in a variety of fields, such as music, film, comedy, and LGBTQIA+ arts.

With his talent in poetry, writing, and comedy, Rajesh can bring a unique perspective to any podcast.

He is available for remote interviews on weekdays and weekends and has all the necessary equipment to participate in interviews.

Rajesh is an experienced speaker with a rich background in podcasting and interviewing.

His passion for giving new female talent a platform to be heard and his experience in interviewing people in various fields make him a perfect addition to any podcast.