raymond aldridge

Uncovering the truth: Materials engineer sharing the hidden truth about sustainable plastics.

About raymond aldridge

Raymond Aldridge is a materials engineer with expertise in sustainability, and a passionate advocate for informed and sustainable decisions.

Based in San Francisco, Raymond has worked in the sustainability space and has learned the dirty secrets of so-called “plastic alternatives”.

With a keen interest in Society & Culture, Nature, Climate Change, Environment, Science and Chemistry, Raymond is well versed in the data and research behind these “plastic alternatives” and is eager to share his knowledge with the world.

Raymond is available for both in-person and remote podcast sessions, with USB/External Microphone and Webcam equipment.

Raymond is the perfect guest to demystify the new frontier of plastic alternatives and educate your listeners on the data and research behind them.

With his experience and expertise in the sustainability space, Raymond is in a unique position to discuss the different aspects of what makes plastic alternatives sustainable, what research is being done to understand and reduce their environmental impact, and how to make informed and sustainable decisions.