Richard Lau

Experience and passion to engage audiences. A speaker, guest, and entrepreneur to share open, personal stories.

About Richard Lau

Richard Lau is an experienced speaker, guest, and entrepreneur based in Vancouver, Canada.

He is a founder of,, and NamesCon, and has generated millions of dollars in revenue in the domain industry.

Additionally, he is a 20-year cancer survivor, and is highly respected for his integrity, creativity, and tenacity.

Richard is an excellent potential podcast guest who can speak about a range of relevant topics, including work-life balance, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

He has the ability to draw on his personal experience and use his creativity to tell open and personal stories, making for a compelling and engaging conversation.

He is equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam to enable high-quality remote recordings.

Having been a successful podcast guest in the past, Richard is available to provide invaluable insights for your podcast.

His passion for business, careers, entrepreneurship, marketing, and non-profit initiatives make him the perfect guest for any show in these topics.

He is available for remote sessions on weekdays and would be an excellent addition to your podcast.