Rikki Arundel

Award winning Keynote and virtual Speaker, Speaking/TEDx/Storytelling Coach and Gender and LGBTQ Inclusion expert.

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About Rikki Arundel

I am Rikki Arundel, MSc, PSAE, FPSA, ALAM(Hons), distinguished for a pioneering speaking and advocacy career, and the proud recipient of The Speaker Awards Lifetime Achievement Award for 2024.

From a vibrant start as a Butlin's Redcoat, leveraging acting skills to engage audiences, I have been a transformative force in professional speaking and LGBTQ+ advocacy.

Founding the UK and Ireland Professional Speaking Association marked a pivotal point, further highlighting my leadership within the speaking community.

My profound impact through speaking engagements, including celebrated TEDx talks and appearances on many national and international platforms, reflect my commitment to fostering inclusivity and understanding.

My many board positions and contributions to organisations underscores my dedication to community and professional development, while my media presence like my appearance on ITV's Tonight programme, amplifies my voice on critical LGBTQ+ issues.

My expertise encompasses transgender and non-binary awareness, crafting inclusive workplaces, and mastering public speaking and storytelling.

My personal journey of gender transition infuses talks with authenticity, championing a philosophy of true self-expression and allyship.

Memorable anecdotes, from overcoming challenges to inspiring change, illustrate my career dedicated to education, empowerment, and equality.