Robert Hartline

Dynamic entrepreneur with inspiring stories of both failure and success - guaranteed to keep your audience engaged!

About Robert Hartline

Robert Hartline is an experienced and passionate entrepreneur who is committed to solving real-world problems.

He is a college drop-out who has grown many businesses from scratch to success, most notably a chain of wireless stores that rose to 68 locations and over 400 employees before being sold off due to a merger in 2020.

He is now focused on his business, CallProof, an app for field salespeople which helps sales leadership track sales activities.

His leadership and innovation in business was also recognized, as one of his companies was named the fastest-growing company in Nashville for two years in a row.

Robert is an engaging and energetic speaker, offering stories of failure and success that will not bore your audience.

He has an impressive background and expertise in business, entrepreneurship, sales, and SaaS, making him a great potential podcast guest.

He is based in Nashville, TN with his wife and two young boys, but also spends much of his time in Costa Rica at his beach home where his family was featured in House Hunters International in 2017.

He loves to travel and attend masterminds with fellow entrepreneurs, and is available for podcasting during the weekdays.

Robert has a built-in microphone and webcam, so he is ready to get started!