Royce Morales

I teach profound, empowering, spiritually based inner journeys to discover, unravel and neutralize the true hidden origins of self-sabotage

About Royce Morales

I am the creator of Perfect Life Awakening , a groundbreaking, time-tested, immersive series of spiritually based courses and private inner adventures.

This profound work gets to the roots of, and neutralizes, subconscious, triggered painful memories, negative repetitious patterns, guilt and self-sabotage.

It's a powerful, empowering process, a "control-alt-delete" of the false programming operating from behind the scenes.

Simultaneously, PLA is about awakening higher consciousness awareness, clarity and a true sense of deservingness, self-acceptance and authenticity.

In other words, Perfect Life Awakening transforms lives, all accomplished without the use of spiritual bypass techniques, hypnosis, NLP, etc.

There is nothing I'm more passionate about than helping people discover who they really are by finding out who they AREN'T.