S.G. Blaise

"Experience the magical world of the Last Lumenian series with award-winning Sci-Fi/Fantasy author!"

About S.G. Blaise



Blaise is an award-winning Sci-Fi/Fantasy author of the Last Lumenian series and a passionate advocate for female entrepreneurship in the publishing world.

A native of Hungary, she has been writing for over 9 years and is known for using real-life influences in her worldbuilding.

She has a strong social media presence of over 7k+ avid readers and aspiring authors and regularly makes appearances on podcasts like Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond, Speak Up Talk Radio with Pat Rullo, SciFi4Me Live from the Bunker, The Authors Show, and The Eat Sleep Write Podcast.

With a deep knowledge of the publishing industry, S.

G. is well-versed in topics such as writing journey, independent publishing, mental health in fiction, creativity and fun in writing, and advice for aspiring writers.

She's equipped with a USB/External Microphone and a webcam, and is available for both in-person and remote appearances on weekdays and weekends.



Blaise is the perfect podcast guest to discuss all things related to the writing and publishing industry.

With her passion and drive for storytelling, she will provide a unique and valuable perspective to your podcast audience.

Her enthusiasm for her craft and her ability to engage listeners will make for a captivating and entertaining experience.