Sabir Semerkant

"Unlock Expert Insights on #ThisWeekWithSabir to help you achieve $100,000+ success!"

About Sabir Semerkant

Sabir Semerkant is a male industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in business, marketing, and eCommerce.

He is the host of #ThisWeekWithSabir, a live show on YouTube that delivers $100,000+ in Expert Insights from leading industry experts and gurus.

Sabir has been featured in the Harvard Business Review and regularly speaks about selling and scaling strategies on Amazon and Shopify and other online platforms.

He speaks multiple languages and is available for remote speaking engagements.

Sabir is the perfect podcast guest to discuss topics like business, marketing, eCommerce, entrepreneurship, and personal brand.

He has the knowledge and expertise to help listeners gain valuable insights and actionable takeaways that they can implement into their own businesses.

With his experience, industry insights, and engaging story-telling style, Sabir is a great podcast guest who is sure to leave listeners inspired and motivated.