Sanjib Nandi

Maximizing Wellbeing with LUVO: Revolutionary Vibrational Meditation App.

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About Sanjib Nandi

Sanjib Nandi is an experienced pharmacist, author and founder of LUVO, a revolutionary wellness app using vibrational meditation.

Born and raised in India, Sanjib was always driven to pursue a career in medicine and has been practicing pharmacy for many years.

After feeling a profound sense of unhappiness due to situations beyond his control, Sanjib decided to try meditation and experienced a calming effect on his anxiety.

This encouraged him to dive deeper into the world of meditation and researching the scientific evidence behind it.

In order to share his journey and help others live a healthy, fulfilling life, Sanjib founded LUVO, the first app ever to offer vibrational meditation.

He has also written the book "The Man With Zero Talent" and released 10 songs in Spotify about the same philosophy and zest for life.

With his experience and expertise in the area of wellness, Sanjib would be an excellent podcast guest, able to offer practical advice to listeners on how to use meditation to transform their outlook on life.