Sarah Strong

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About Sarah Strong

Sarah Strong is an inspiring light worker, star seed and divine feminine activation coach from the United States.

She has a full and colourful life experience, and has lived in places including London, Manchester, Sydney, Japan, and traveled extensively throughout Europe, North Africa, India, Thailand, and Nepal.

Her primary interests are health and fitness, female health and lifestyle, sexuality, clairvoyance, spirituality, self-improvement, life coaching, entrepreneurship, extraterrestrial life, paranormal, and LGBTQIA+ life experiences.

Sarah is equipped with a built-in microphone and webcam, and is available for in-person and remote engagements.

Sarah is the perfect guest for podcasts that cover topics such as spirituality, star seed activation, ascension, spiritual awakening, divine feminine activation, how to align with your higher purpose, what it means to be a light worker and healer, changing perceptions or preconceived notions of life and beyond, journeying with psychedelics, deep soul healing, and addressing sexual and\/or the darker topics of life.

With her unique life experience and expertise in spiritual and emotional healing, Sarah is an excellent potential guest for any podcast.

She can bring a fresh perspective to your audience and help them understand that there's more to life than what we're currently doing here.

If you're looking for a dynamic and captivating podcast guest to bring insight and enlightenment to your listeners, Sarah Strong is the perfect fit.