Scott Hayley

Scott Hayley: From Oil Fields to Texas Country Music

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About Scott Hayley

Scott Hayley is a Texas Red Dirt musician with an emotional soul that is deeply American and patriotic at its core.

Having built a successful career in the West Texas oil fields, he turned in his hardhat after 19 years to pursue his dream of playing music.

His passion for country music was ignited by a life-changing concert of Billy Ray Cyrus, and he has since been dedicated to its message.

To spread this message further, Scott has relocated to Romania to assist Europe in their quest for energy independence.

He has found success in Poland, performing to packed clubs and benefits for Ukrainian refugees, and his uplifting music has touched the hearts of those affected by war.

Scott Hayley is the perfect podcast guest for anyone looking to discuss the impact of Country Music and American values.

With his unique experience in the oil fields and his dedication to making a difference through music, he’s sure to bring a lot to the table with his inspiring story.

His knowledge of the energy industry, as well as his diverse travel experiences, make him an excellent source for insightful commentary.

Scott is an experienced guest, with a built in microphone and webcam to ensure a great audio-visual experience.

He is available for interviews on weekdays and weekends.