Sean Jackson

Helping freelancers get more work, fast.

About Sean Jackson

Freelancers face numerous challenges in their career; from finding work, to managing difficult clients, to just finding the time they need to lead the life they want.

I should know.

My name is Sean Jackson and my partner and I have faced these challenges; and many more.

Through our experiences, we developed tools and techniques that aid freelancers as they navigate the often turbulent world of freelancing.

As an experienced podcaster, I know the value of having guests that can share engaging stories that keep an audience listening.

During my time with Copyblogger, I hosted a number of shows including The Missing Link, Digital Entrepreneur, Members Only, and also produce my wife's podcast show; The Bubble Lounge.

So if you are looking for a guest that can engage your audience with stories, ideas, and insights that will help them grow their freelancing business; I would love to be on your show.