Seth Erickson

"Helping startups get the recognition they deserve: Crafting effective branding strategies to differentiate in the market."

About Seth Erickson

Seth Erickson stands out from the crowd with his blend of business acumen, creativity, and humor.

His passion for storytelling began at the tender age of four, when he was already baffling his pre-school teacher with his vivid imagination.

This verve for storytelling has grown, as Seth has, into the perfect combination of traits for helping startups communicate their value to investors and the market at large.

With his background as an illustrator, web designer, DJ, music producer, and author, Seth has the perfect combination of expertise to help startups stand out and become memorable.

He is passionate about proving the value of startups to investors and the marketplace, and uses storytelling as an effective communication technique to help them do just that.

Seth would be a great potential podcast guest for any show focused on startups, entrepreneurship, marketing, and education.

He has a unique perspective on how to make the most of start-up initiatives, and his enthusiasm and sense of humor make for an entertaining and informative interview.

With his ability to distill complex ideas into easy-to-understand information, Seth is sure to make an impression on your podcast guests.