Sheila Mac

"Sheila Mac: Reinventing yourself with the power of Bootstraps & Bra Straps!"

About Sheila Mac

Sheila Mac is an inspirational speaker, author, and Life-Style Re-Boot Specialist.

As a property investor and real estate team leader at Keller Williams in Beverly Hills, Sheila has first-hand experience in the business world.

Her focus on “Life-Style Re-Boots” helps individuals and organizations find a glimmer of light in even the darkest of situations.

Through her book Bootstraps & Bra Straps, Sheila shows her audience how to go from rock bottom and back into action.

Sheila speaks on a variety of topics such as business, education, self-improvement, parenting, and more.

She is fluent in English and is available for remote interviews on both weekdays and weekends.

Sheila has the necessary equipment such as a built-in microphone and webcam.

Not only is Sheila an experienced businesswoman, but she is also an inspiring mentor who strives to guide people in their journey of self-improvement.

She is a great potential podcast guest who can bring a unique perspective and inspiring insights to your podcast.