Shelley Harrison

"Expert healer with 20+ years of experience and a theatre background - an unforgettable speaker!"

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About Shelley Harrison

Shelley Harrison is a unique and fascinating speaker who helps soulful, smart women heal their physical and emotional pain.

With over 20 years of expertise and a theatre background that makes her a confident speaker, Shelley is well-suited to podcasts that focus on health and fitness, religion and spirituality, society and culture, mental health, and education.

Shelley’s goal is to help women see and name how their limiting patterns are animating moment to moment in their energy field, and support them to dissolve those blocks.

She works one-to-one both in person and online, helping women clear trauma, overwhelm, anxiety, and stress cycles that hold them captive.

Shelley also helps her clients heal inherited family trauma and resource themselves at soul level with ancestral re-connection work.

Additionally, she works to help her clients access guidance to clarify their personal life task and world task, including direct energy work to align them with their purpose in this lifetime.

Shelley is available to speak remotely in both English and French, and is equipped with a USB/External Microphone and Webcam.

She also has a signature online course, the Aura Healing Journey, which empowers people from all walks of life learn how to uncover and work with their own blocks.

Pitch: Shelley Harrison is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced speaker with over 20 years of expertise in helping soulful, smart women heal their physical and emotional pain.

She is well-suited for podcasts that focus on health, spirituality, and relationships, and her signature online course, the Aura Healing Journey, is a great addition to any podcast for those looking to learn more about self-healing.