Stephanie Slocum

"Women in business, be inspired! Let me help your audience reach their goals with my podcasts and video interviews."

About Stephanie Slocum

Stephanie Slocum is a highly experienced and skilled speaker who helps frustrated women engineers learn the invaluable business and people skills they need to have influence and impact.

Stephanie is a down-to-earth engineer, author of an Amazon bestseller, online entrepreneur, and a mother of three.

She has a straight-talking and high-energy speaking style that has often been commended.

Stephanie offers a wealth of expertise in topics such as women in engineering, building professional confidence, failure as a key to success, overcoming gender bias, how to start a side business, networking, public speaking, success traits and habits, virtual meetings, book writing, blogging, launching a course, career clarity, parenting girls in STEM, and more.

Stephanie is an ideal podcast guest if you have an audience of professional or entrepreneurial women.

She has done numerous podcasts, video interviews, and webinars, and is highly prepared for each one, immersing herself in the podcast's world and tailoring her content to resonate with the audience.

With Stephanie, you can expect an inspiring conversation about tangible things your audience can immediately implement into their lives.

Her down-to-earth and high-energy speaking style will be a hit with your listeners.

If you are looking for a dynamic podcast guest with a wealth of experience and knowledge about empowering professional and entrepreneurial women, Stephanie Slocum is the perfect fit.

She will provide a unique and inspiring perspective that your audience will love.