Sue Stockdale

Engaging, credible, diverse, and global: the ideal speaker for any event.

About Sue Stockdale

Sue Stockdale is a remarkable speaker who draws on a wealth of experience from her incredible career.

From being the first UK woman to ski to the North Pole to representing Scotland in a number of sports, Sue is an inspirational figure who has motivated thousands of leaders around the world.

Sue is also an entrepreneur who founded, grew and sold a successful company, and an executive coach who works with global leaders.

Additionally she is the author of eight business titles and the host of multiple podcast series, including Access to Inspiration, Coaching in the Workplace, Coaching Perspectives, The Sports 2000 podcast, Clusters, and The Conscious Leader.

With her global clients and international perspective, Sue is a great asset to any platform.

Sue Stockdale is an ideal podcast guest who can provide engaging and credible insights.

With her diverse background and global outlook, she can answer questions concisely and provide value.

Her inspiring and motivating stories combined with her expertise in business, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, wilderness sports, and management make her an excellent choice for any podcast who wants to bring fresh perspectives and drive meaningful conversations.