Sue Wilhite

"Let me help you make tech tools work for you, not against you."

About Sue Wilhite

Sue Wilhite is an experienced business and technology professional with over 20 years in Management Information Systems.

She also holds a Business Systems degree and has put it to work in her successful hypnotherapy practice as well as owning and running a bookstore for six years.

Throughout her career, Sue has been referred to as the 'Make It Happen Maven' for her ability to help others make complex subjects understandable and relatable.

Sue is highly experienced in the areas of business and technology, and her MsTechCoach program helps solopreneurs avoid the pitfalls of ineffective technology.

She understands the importance of the five essential tech tools which are essential for success and has the knowledge to help people handle them before they become a headache.

Sue Wilhite is an ideal podcast guest who can bring unique insights and expertise to the conversation.

With her experience in business, technology, and coaching, she can provide a valuable perspective to listeners.

Her passion for helping others and her wealth of knowledge make her an excellent guest and can provide listeners with actionable advice.