Susan Nicholas MD

Maximizing Your Potential: Author, Speaker, Healer & Coach.

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About Susan Nicholas MD


Susan Nicholas is an inspiring physician, surgeon, and life transformation guide, and the founder of, a conscious media company.

She is an internationally renowned speaker, energy healer, and author, and her speaking platform focuses on the Frequency of Money and inspiring audiences to positively transform their relationship with it.

With her TEDx presentation on Money Consciousness: Overcoming Generational Poverty, and her three books The Duality of Being, Two Parts of Me, and The Death of Cupcake (2022), Susan is a powerful voice for conscious awakening.

Susan is a frequent guest on international medical and business influencers’ podcasts, and her work has been featured in Yahoo!

Finance, the Associated Press (AP), HuffPost, Authority Magazine, Conscious Life Journal, SWAAY Media, Thrive Global, The Native Influence, TEDx, Forbes Books Radio, FOX News, and NBC8 “Ask The Doctor”.

She also hosts her own podcast, Be Conscious and The Money Consciousness Show, a weekly broadcast on the Clubhouse App.

With her diverse experience, expertise, and knowledge in religion and spirituality, personal finance, life coaching, self-improvement, LGBTQIA+ life experiences, books, careers, mental health, relationships, and more, Dr.

Susan Nicholas is an amazing potential podcast guest.

Her ability to share powerful stories and insights, along with her innate empathy for her audiences, make her a captivating guest that will add immense value to any podcast.