Susan Ortolano

Transform your marriage or attract your dream one: Invest in yourself with expert marriage coaching.

About Susan Ortolano

Susan Ortolano is an intuitive relationship and marriage coach who helps struggling married individuals and couples as well as single women to have the marriage of their dreams.

A master's degree holder in spiritual psychology, Susan is a certified life and relationship coach who has been teaching clients since 2006.

She uses metaphysical and holistic practices combined with other specialty techniques to help her clients to attract and maintain their dream marriage.

Susan herself is happily married to her conscious husband Rick since 2001, which has inspired her work.

She believes that a conscious marriage is not only about having fun, but also allowing the partnership to be a source of healing, growth, and evolution that adds more depth, sacred energy, and passion.

Susan Ortolano is the perfect podcast guest for any show related to society and culture, relationships, religion and spirituality.

With her unique perspective and years of experience, she can provide meaningful insights and advice to listeners.

Her expertise and approach to marriage and relationships makes her an ideal guest to discuss topics such as how to save and transform marriages, how to attract the dream marriage, and how to reach a higher level of love.

Not only is Susan an expert in her field, but she is also an excellent communicator and engaging speaker.

Her charisma and presence will surely make her a great podcast guest.