Tara Kochhar

I help senior leaders & entrepreneurs start + scale their business & start generating revenue in 100 days with 1:1 mentorship.

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About Tara Kochhar

Hi, 👋 I'm Tara.

I am a builder.

Over the 10 yrs, I have built and scaled 4 consumer brands in different niches - home decor, gourmet food, beauty and footwear. 2 of my brands are award winning.

Today I help senior corporate leaders and entrepreneurs validate passion fuelled ideas, build and scale new businesses into high-growth companies.

When I coach startup founders, I teach them my proven system on how to identify profitable business ideas, build high-performing products, how to go to market the new way, the importance of having a relentless focus on the customer, the team, speed, execution, brand & culture.

I am just getting started 🔥 If you want to work with me, book in a discovery call.