Thierry Oliva

Experience the world of delicious meat recipes with Thierry Oliva @ Grill Culture!

About Thierry Oliva

Thierry Oliva is an experienced home chef and pitmaster from Los Angeles, United States.

He is the founder and grill master behind, a website dedicated to bringing the flavors and grill culture from around the world to grillers everywhere.

He has a passion for grilling and an appreciation for international flavors and has traveled extensively, immersing himself in different culinary traditions and learning from some of the world's best chefs.

Thierry is the perfect guest for any food podcast that wants to explore the world of meat and barbecue.

His amazing journey around the world, delicious international meat recipes and cooking techniques, and his journey from elementary teacher to food blogger, make him a unique and engaging speaker.

He can bring an amazing story, unique and international take on cooking, and inspirational journey to each podcast he is a guest on.

Thierry Oliva is an experienced home chef and pitmaster who can bring expertise, passion, and personality to your show.

Tune in and take an epicurean journey to discover the best meat recipes in the world, from the street food of Thailand to the barbecue pits of Texas, with Thierry Oliva!