Thomas Kereszti

Tom's book, C-Suite and Beyond: Unlocking the 4 Keys to Leadership Success with insights from a former Fortune 500 CEO.

About Thomas Kereszti

Thomas Kereszti is an industry influencer, author, coach, speaker, educator, and mentor.

With over a decade of international experience, he is the former CEO of a Fortune 500 company and the author of the book C-Suite and Beyond - The 4 Keys to Leadership Success.

His approach to leadership is based on his time-proven servant leadership principles, which are rooted in biblical foundations.

He has been mentored by John Maxwell in both leadership and public speaking, and his expertise and knowledge in the field is reflected in the 50+ international podcasts he has appeared on in the last 12 months.

Tom is an engaging speaker who has a unique and motivating style, leaving audiences with practical and applicable solutions.

Tom Kereszti is the perfect podcast guest to inspire your audience and provide them with valuable nuggets of information.

His experience, expertise, and knowledge make him an ideal candidate for any podcast.

His upbeat and engaging style will make for an interesting and informative podcast, as he is able to provide solutions and advice in an understandable and applicable way.

With Tom on your podcast, your audience will gain insight into servant leadership, management, and entrepreneurship, all while being left with a few valuable takeaways.