Zac Stern

Previous Venture Capitalist turned startup founder: Helping keep relationships strong through bootstrapping.

About Zac Stern

Zac Stern is the CEO and Founder of Offical, the next generation relationship status that is gamifying the relationship for couples.

He is a previous Venture Capitalist-turned-startup founder who bootstrapped his own company.

He studied finance and business management at NYU’s Stern School of Business, and has experience working as an investment analyst and associate at a $1Bn venture fund within NYC.

Zac is an expert in the fields of business, bootstrapping, entrepreneurship, fundraising, and startups.

He speaks English fluently and is interested in the topics of relationships and society & culture.

He is equipped with a studio quality microphone and webcam for remote or in-person interviews.

Zac is available on weekdays and weekends.

Zac Stern is the ideal podcast guest for any show interested in topics related to business, relationships, and society & culture.

With his extensive knowledge and experience in venture capital, entrepreneurship, and bootstrapping, Zac is well-suited to speak on a variety of topics.

His previous experience in the finance industry makes him a great resource for financial advice, and his passion for relationships makes him the perfect guest to discuss the importance of connection and the power of relationships.

Zac Stern has the knowledge and experience to make any podcast episode a success!