Dear Paarijaat

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About Dear Paarijaat

Hello and a warm welcome to the Dear Paarijaat Pod Show!

I'm Mayank Gangwar, your friend, your host, and the proud founder of Genius Words.

As an international book publisher, song producer, author, poet, lyricist, debater, and social entrepreneur, I wear many hats.

Today, I'm excited to add another title to that list - the host of Dear Paarijaat Pod Show.

What can you expect from this podcast?

Well, buckle up for a smoothing journey filled with poetries, narrations, letters, special pods, mini pods, and a whole lot more.

This show is more than just words; it's a sum of emotions, a celebration of literature, and a sanctuary for the soul.

For me, writing and reading are not just hobbies; they are passions that have fueled the creation of this podcast.

Dear Paarijaat Pod Show is a labor of love, and I'm thrilled to share this wonderful start with you, weaving moments that will linger in your heart.

Join me on this rollercoaster ride where emotions know no boundaries.

Let's set on this beautiful and exciting journey together, exploring the depths of feelings and the heights of literature & wisdom.

With the sincere intention of spreading love and literature, I am your host, Mayank Gangwar.