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Driving Impact: Provoking new ideas for real change and meaningful conversations.

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About Driving Impact

Join the conversation, as we talk with leaders, artists, and bold change makers from diverse fields about they found their CALLING in life, how they found their life path.

Each guest will each provide us with their own unique perspective on how to Drive the most impact in their individual fields of expertise, and share the ideas that led them to where they are today.  Together we will dissect the key challenges they face in their life and career, untangle complex strategies for innovation and growth, and pick their brains about their unique path to success.​ About me?

I'm Katheline Jean-Pierre, the host of Driving Impact.

I studied political science and journalism at the University of Montreal, in Quebec, Canada.

I started my career in the not-for-profit world, working as an educator at the Foundation of Tolerance (Ensemble pour le respect de la Diversité), where I helped youth understand and respect differences in each other - with the goal of starting a dialogue, and building a world without discrimination or intimidation.

I have lived many lives, earlier in my career as an artist and french rapper in Quebec, later evolving into a tech executive in silicon valley, which eventually led me to Google, where I was the head of sales.   Now, I am using the eclectic set of skills I have gained along the way as an artist, leader, mentor, and executive to forge a new path into the world of Podcasting.  Using the tools and skills I have learned in my career, my goal with Driving Impact is to inspire our audience towards real and fulfilling change in their own lives and within the communities they are building around them.  I want to provide a platform for hope, rather than the current doom and gloom narratives we face daily in our ever changing world full of difficult and very real challenges.

I aspire to provoke new ideas, highlight incredible innovation, build a community to connect like minds, and start meaningful conversations.

I hope you will join us :) ​ *We are currently knee-deep in production.

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