Embodied with Anne Berube

"Unlock the mysteries of embodied creativity, wisdom and spirituality with Anne and her amazing guests!"

About Embodied with Anne Berube

Embodied with Anne Berube is a podcast hosted by Anne Berube, a PhD, bestselling author, and spiritual teacher.

Anne has juicy conversations with artists, creatives, and thought leaders as she explores embodied creativity, wisdom and spirituality.

She shares her inspiring story and personal transformation journey since her near-fatal car accident at the age of 23 and her subsequent years marked by chronic pain, emotional distress, and malaise.

Through her book Be Feel Think Do and workshops The Happy Sessions, Anne has refined the process of Be Feel Think Do and has helped thousands of individuals to awaken their inner wisdom and discover an inner freedom and a connection to their own source of sustainable happiness.

If you are looking for a podcast platform to share your story, Embodied with Anne Berube is the perfect place for you.

Here, you will have the opportunity to join Anne in juicy conversations to explore widely varying topics such as self-improvement, spirituality, relationships, and books.

As a guest, you can expect to deepen your understanding of self-healing, happiness, and inner peace and be part of a global conversation.

Join Embodied with Anne Berube and become part of a community dedicated to uncovering what it means to be embodied.