Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Empowering Your Influence, Enriching Your Legacy

About Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Imagine you’re crafting a vibrant mosaic of listeners for "Good Girls Get Rich," each piece representing a unique, dynamic woman who's stepping into her power.

Picture this: Women over 40, standing at the crossroads of transformation, whether it's in their personal lives, careers, or the bold steps they're taking toward entrepreneurship.

They're the embodiment of success, intellect, and ambition, yet they're yearning for something more—greater influence and impact on the world.

These women aren't just any high achievers; they're the ones with stories to tell of trials, triumphs, and the wealth of experience they've gathered.

They come from a place of affluence, with a net worth exceeding a million dollars, looking to not only sustain but expand their wealth into generational legacies.

They're authors who weave compelling narratives, speakers who captivate with their words, coaches who inspire change, consultants who drive growth, board members who steer with wisdom, and philanthropists who give with purpose.

But it’s not just about financial success.

It's about the journey to personal fulfillment and making a mark on the world.

They seek to build thought leader brands that resonate, using platforms like LinkedIn and the power of PR to amplify their voice.

Yet, amidst their busy lives, they face challenges—imposter syndrome whispers doubts, and the struggle to remain in their zone of genius amidst the myriad demands of their multifaceted roles. "Good Girls Get Rich" beckons to these women.

It’s a clarion call for those who see the ocean as a source of rejuvenation, just as Karen does—a symbol of the boundless possibilities and the profound peace they wish to anchor in their lives.

The podcast serves as a lighthouse, guiding them towards strategies and insights that enable them to leverage their expertise, overcome their doubts, and step into greater realms of influence and income.

This audience craves conversations that are not just surface-level but dive deep into the essence of personal branding, overcoming imposter syndrome, and mastering LinkedIn and PR.

They're looking for authentic, relatable content that doesn't just speak to them but speaks for them—empowering them to build lives that are not only wealthy in financial terms but rich in meaning, aligned with what truly feeds their souls.

In essence, Karen Yankovich's "Good Girls Get Rich" podcast is for the woman ready to embrace her brilliance, build her empire, and create a legacy of wealth, influence, and purpose, all while living a life that's deeply connected to what rejuvenates her soul.