I Did Not Know That

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About I Did Not Know That

I Did Not Know That is a light-hearted podcast series dedicated to uncovering the weird and wonderful, the obscure and the little known.

Each week, host will have an engaging and knowledgeable conversation with someone from around the world, gathering up to five little known facts that are sure to inform, entertain and sometimes astound you.

From personal journals to society and culture, I Did Not Know That is sure to deliver a unique and entertaining podcast experience.

With episodes based in Australia and available in English, I Did Not Know That has up to 5,000 downloads and offers guests a remote format.

Are you a collector of facts, figures, statistics and other trivia?

Do you have knowledge that you would like to share with the world?

Then I Did Not Know That is the perfect podcast for you!

Join us every week for a chance to share your unique knowledge and be heard around the world.

Come be a part of our engaging and knowledgeable podcast and get ready to astound your friends and family!