Money Matters with Christopher Hensley

Empowering Houstonians with financial literacy. Achieve your money goals.

About Money Matters with Christopher Hensley

Money Matters has been airing for over a decade, providing important money management education to the Houston community.

Originally launching in 2013, the show has evolved to cover a wide range of financial topics beyond just budgeting and saving.

From investing and retirement planning the show explores every aspect of personal finance.

With an engaging interview format, host Christopher Hensley talks candidly with both financial experts and everyday community members about their experiences with money.

By sharing real-life stories and actionable advice, the show makes financial literacy accessible and interesting to a broad audience.

Popular episodes over the years have addressed things like getting out of debt, affording college, planning for retirement, and teaching kids about money.

Now approaching its 10th anniversary, the show continues to be a vital educational resource for Houstonians looking to take control of their finances.

With the Money Matters show, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to achieve your financial goals.