Not Most People

"Break free from the status quo. Dare to be different with our podcast on how to think, act, and live differently than most."

About Not Most People

Not Most People is a podcast for those who refuse to settle for mediocrity and conventional wisdom.

Host Bradley Roth dives into counter-intuitive truths and secrets of success that you likely never learned in school, on tv, or even from your parents.

He challenges the status quo, traditional wisdom, and popular advice in order to uncover the extraordinary health, wealth, and happiness that all people can achieve (but most never will).

This podcast covers topics such as entrepreneurship, self-improvement, philosophy, and more.

Tune in to discover how to think, act, and live a life most people never will.

Are you an expert on living an extraordinary life?

Are you looking for a platform to spread your unique knowledge and unconventional wisdom?

Not Most People is the perfect podcast for you.

Join Host Bradley Roth as a guest on his show and share your insight with an engaged audience.

Let's challenge mediocrity and inspire people to unleash their true potential.