Primary Medicine Podcast

Learn about primary medicine from Canadian medical educators Dr. Kevin and Dr. Dimitre on the Primary Medicine Podcast.

About Primary Medicine Podcast

The Primary Medicine Podcast offers an educational and insightful look into Canadian Primary Care with the perspectives of two experienced Canadian doctors in Emergency and Family Medicine, Kevin and Dimitre.

Every month, they cover a vast array of topics, ranging from the latest medical information to useful tips and techniques for medical practitioners.

Their podcast is accessible and convenient, allowing listeners to tune in during their daily commutes or during their free time.

With up to 5,000 downloads per episode, Primary Medicine Podcast is the perfect platform for Canadian medical professionals to educate and engage with their audience.

Are you a Canadian medical professional looking for a platform to share your expertise?

Then the Primary Medicine Podcast is the perfect opportunity for you!

Join Dr.

Kevin and Dr.

Dimitre during their monthly podcast, and let your expertise reach a wide range of listeners.

Get the chance to collaborate with experienced professionals in the medical field and be part of the Primary Medicine Podcast.