Product Startup

Inspiring hardware product development stories and expert advice.

About Product Startup

The Product Startup Podcast is the hardware product development industry's #1 podcast.

From invention idea to getting onto store shelves, and everything in between.

Hear how inventors, product startups, & small manufacturers created their inventions and launched their physical product businesses.

Learn from the industry's top industrial designers, mechanical engineers, PCB designers, consumer product managers, manufacturers, patent attorneys, hardware investors, product sellers, wholesalers, retailers and more.

Learn about industrial design / product design, prototyping, 3d printing, additive manufacturing, product manufacturing, marketing, selling, patenting, logistics, and product business scaling.

Hosted by Kevin Mako, North America’s leading expert on product development for physical product startups, founder of Mako Design + Invent, keynote speaker, and Masters of Engineering lecturer.  Produced by MAKO Design + Invent, the original firm providing world-class consumer product development services tailored to startups, small manufacturers, and inventors.