Sex Ed With Tim

"Get ready to experience side-splitting laughter - join us as we explore the ridiculousness of life one orgasm at a time!"

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About Sex Ed With Tim

Sex Ed With Tim is the perfect podcast for those looking to laugh, learn, and discover something new about the world of sex.

Hosted by Tim L., a gay sex educator from Toronto, Canada, this podcast is filled with personal anecdotes, sharing experiences, and awkward pauses that make us go "ew" in between the sheets.

Tim brings a unique and entertaining approach to the topics of sex, relationships, and LGBTQIA+ life experiences, all while providing an educational and informative perspective.

With topics ranging from gender identity and sexual pleasure to relationship dynamics and kinks, there is something for everyone to discover.

If that wasn't enough, Tim also invites guests from all walks of life to have in-person or remote conversations, which add a much needed layer of diversity and representation to the podcast.

Tune in and laugh at your farts, giggle at your parts, and learn something new with Sex Ed With Tim.

Are you a sexpert with something to share?

Join Sex Ed With Tim and be a part of the conversation!

Tim is always looking for new faces, new stories, and new perspectives to add to the mix.

Uncover the deeper topics around sex and relationships, and educate listeners from around the world.

Whether you're looking to collaborate on content or join as a guest, Sex Ed With Tim is the perfect platform for sharing your knowledge and experiences.