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About SHAIR.Care Podcast


Care Podcast is an all-inclusive global community created by Damian Andrews, committed to sharing experience, strength, and hope to create strong, healthy, and inspiring relationships.

On the show, Damian Andrews and his expert guests discuss the 10 key principles of strong, healthy, and inspiring relationships, as well as the ‘code’ and practical solutions to challenges and problems in relationships.


Care Podcast provides an opportunity to learn and grow, and invites speakers from diverse cultures to come together and share experiences.

The podcast is available in English and is open for remote guests on weekdays and weekends.

Are you an expert on creating strong relationships and want to share your knowledge?

Then come join the SHAIR.

Care Podcast and be part of a global community that promotes the growth of healthy and inspiring relationships.

On the show, you will be provided with a platform to discuss the 10 key principles of strong relationships, the ‘code’, and your personal experience, which will help others learn and grow.

Come join us and make an impact on the lives of others!