The Culture

Unfiltered discussions on Hip Hop culture; By and for the culture

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About The Culture

The Culture is a carefully curated weekly podcast.

It has everything you need for an edgy and thought-provoking show with diverse representation, lots of gritty references, and panelists who are just as unfiltered and opinionated.

Hosted by Jeff DeLaRosa and Anthony Austin, this show is anything but basic.

Not only a musical genre, but Hip Hop is also a way of life, and this show is the conversational embodiment and representation of such.

Inspiring, motivating, entertaining, and empowering people from all walks of life as we showcase a variety of perspectives in Hip Hop and the culture surrounding it.

We are the intersection where life meets culture.

Be part of the culture and gain a new experience through engaging conversation and raw content that you won't find anywhere else.

From discussions on trending topics, to compelling and provocative newsworthy guests, this is a must listen.

This is a podcast inspired by and for our culture!