The Kuderna Podcast

Discover how to achieve true wealth with Bryan Kuderna, NJ's Top 10 Financial Professional.

About The Kuderna Podcast

The Kuderna Podcast is an engaging and informative podcast hosted by Bryan M.

Kuderna, a nationally recognized financial advisor and the author of “What Should I Do With My Money?”.

Bryan brings his expertise to the show and takes listeners on a journey to explore wealth in its original meaning — a state of well-being.

He interviews celebrities, professional athletes, best-selling authors, economists, and other icons who share their insights on building wealth.

The show covers topics such as business, investing, economics, and health & fitness.

The Kuderna Podcast is broadcast in English and is available on weekdays.

It has already reached 20,000 to 50,000 downloads and is looking for guests, ad swaps, and content collaborations.

Are you looking to inspire and educate listeners on building wealth?

The Kuderna Podcast is the perfect platform to share your story and knowledge.

Join Bryan M.

Kuderna and gain access to an ever-growing community of engaged listeners.

With your help, together we can explore the true meaning of wealth and help each other build a better future.