The Light Inside

Unraveling the Enigmatic Tapestry of Subconscious Patterns That Shape Our Lives.

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About The Light Inside

We’re all on a journey to discover the light inside.

For better or worse, every aspect of our lives is shaped by the patterns we keep.

Designed for the change-leaders in our lives, the Light Inside is an educational community led by coaches.

Functioning as a global educational community, The Light Inside podcast is designed for intellectually curious academics and change-leaders who would like to gain a more concise and granular understanding of the enigmatic subconscious patterns behind our daily actions.

Discover the hidden forces shaping our actions and navigate the complexities of human behavior with deeper insight and understanding.

Moving beyond ‘rules of thumb’ and overgeneralization, we seek a deeper awareness of the intrinsic patterns driving our daily habits and decisions.

Throughout our lives, the subconscious whispers in our automatic programming like a silent orchestrator.

In many ways, we are culturally conditioned to accept a limited understanding of our subconscious processes, preventing us from exploring and comprehending the full extent of our embodied processes, brain, and core emotional interactions.

These concepts are often discounted or overgeneralized, illustrating several ways they emerge.

The intricate relationship between conscious and unconscious processes is one of the many mysteries that continue to perplex our understanding of consciousness.

Every day, we are subjected to unconscious influences that we are unaware of, even if we are aware of the events, people, and situations that trigger them.

Across multiple domains of psychology, research shows that unconscious operations shape our 'free' choices, preferences, motives, and social.

In the world beyond consciousness lie better choices, and the empowered decisions that make them possible.

Like millions of tiny fragments, these patterns hide beneath the surface, splintered into millions of pieces.

This is what we perceive as the collection of associations we call ourselves.

Despite this, much of that self remains forever a façade.

Our mission is to bring the ghosts of the mysterious mind to light.

After years of struggling with trial and error, we help find our way through this subconscious clutter with tangible steps, and practical, actionable guidance.

Our target objectives for 2024 are: To be more intentional and specific in the delivery of the subjects and topical focus we share within our listening community.

To deliver messaging that avoids over-generalization and creates a concise, purposeful meaning that contains an actionable understanding of human behaviors.

To move even further away from personal narratives and deeper into informational sharing.

These criteria take precedence: 1.

Data-driven. 2.

Theoretically Rooted 3.

Proven scientific methodology 4.

Deeper awareness of causal human behaviors PLEASE NOTE: Guests are requested to submit a feasible outline containing 3-to-4 main topics and an actionable understanding of the content for consideration as their prospectus and theme.

The Light Inside believes that effective education is the key to achieving success and living a more fulfilling life.

The guest will provide instructions that inspire enriching and joyful lives by explaining the intricate process involved in shifting these buried patterns.

The themes we present for discussion are approached from the perspective of scholarly scientific research to support sound methodology and concise actions.

Together, through our content messaging, we reveal how our hidden subconscious and unconscious patterns shape the fabric of our society as we explore a deeper dive into the mysterious inner world of our enigmatic lives.

There are no fees associated with our guest opportunities.