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Discover the power of polymathy, innovation, and smart cities on The PolyCast – transforming education with the Modular Degree.

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About ?? The Polymath PolyCast ??

Welcome to The Polymath PolyCast, a podcast for polymathy, innovation, smart cities, and revolutionizing education through the Modular Degree.

We are committed to having meaningful conversations with a wide range of engaging and knowledgeable podcast hosts.

Here, we are looking to explore the boundaries of the polymathic community, and make sure that no matter where you are on the spectrum of multipotentialites and polymaths, you are more than welcome!

At The Polymath PolyCast, we are devoted to creating a unique experience for our guests.

We perform a deep dive into the guest’s background and watch/listen to most of their prior interviews, which allows us to explore topics and ideas that have yet to be discussed.

We also feature a wide range of topics, from technology and education, to leisure and sports.

We also offer a variety of formats, including remote and video podcast interviews.

If you are an innovative speaker looking to share your knowledge and experiences, The Polymath PolyCast invites you to join us!

Here, you will have the opportunity to connect with our engaged and knowledgeable podcast hosts, explore captivating topics, and be part of a unique and inspiring experience.

Join us in our mission to revolutionize education through the Modular Degree and explore the boundaries of the polymathic community.

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